CMS Advantage

CMS Advantage 2 – Supporting High Risk and New Medicine Interventions

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Teva's Chronic Medication Service (CMS) Advantage 2 kit is designed to help support you in delivering a great service for patients.

With the addition of the High risk and New medicines elements now being a part of Chronic Medication service, the CMS Advantage 2 Kit has been developed to provide pharmacists in Scotland with a wider range of innovative resources. In conjunction with Teva’s CMS Advantage, this kit aims to provide further support materials to help you conduct efficient and effective patient interventions. We have liaised with Community Pharmacy Scotland to ensure that all items within the kit adhere to their guidelines around the CMS.

Specific medicine use support cards: Methotrexate tablets, Salbutamol (inhaler), Clopidogrel, Furosemide, Ipratroprium bromide, Naproxen, Atenolol, Bisoprolol, Doxazosin, Gliclazide and Lisinopril.

Innovative resources to help drive patient awareness

Use CMS Advantage 2 to support you and your pharmacy team to deliver High Risk and New Medicine patient interventions

Supports you and your pharmacy to deliver a great Chronic Medication Service

10 Medicine Use Support Cards

Medicine specific information to help pharmacists perform effective CMS interventions Includes: A Methotrexate support card for High Risk interventions.

Patient Self-Assessment Forms

To create patient awareness of the service.

CMS Stickers

Patient information about the Chronic Medication Service. To be displayed in the Strutboard.

Patient Information Follow-On Leaflets

To place in you Pharmacy to hold the patient leaflets.

Patient Information Follow-On Leaflets

To remind patients of their CMS appointments.

Patient Information Follow-On Leaflets

To identify suitable patients.