DMR Advantage

DMR Advantage - helping you deliver continuity of care

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Teva's DMR Advantage kits are designed to give community pharmacists in Wales the advantage in delivering an efficient and effective Discharge Medicines Review service. DMR Advantage aims to make a real difference by providing essential resources to help drive patient awareness and to build communications. From Medicine Use Support Cards to a DMR Reminder Pad, DMR Advantage helps you deliver continuity of care to your patients, whilst earning additional income for your pharmacy.

Assists you in delivering an efficient and effective Discharge Medicines Review service

Innovative items to help you identify suitable patients and drive patient awareness

Build communications with hospital pharmacists, with specific materials designed to strengthen the support for your DMR service

Created in accordance with pharmacists in Wales

5 Medicine Use Support Cards

Medicine specific information that may help assist you to perform a Discharge Medicines Review with your patients.The medicines included covered are: Bisoprolol, Doxazosin, Gliclazide, Lisinopril and Atenolol.

DMR Poster

To create patient awareness of the DMR service.

DMR Strutboard

To place on top of the counter to hold the DMR patient leaflets.

DMR Patient Leaflets

Patient information leaflets about the DMR service. To be displayed in the Strutboard.

DMR Prescription Bag Stuffers

To generate patient demand for the DMR service.

DMR Patient Appointment Cards

To remind patients of their DMR appointments.

DMR Stickers

To help identify suitable patients.

DMR Reminder Pad with tear-off Patient Leaflets

To give to your local hospital pharmacy or other care setting, so they can inform patients that your pharmacy is offering the DMR service.