Generics Patient Communication Kit

Generic Patient Communication Kit - helping to reassure your patients

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Teva's Generics Patient Communication Kit is designed to help you in reassuring patients who may raise questions or concerns when you change their medication from the brand to the generic, or from one generic to another. The Generics Patient Communication Kit supports your verbal communication with patients by providing you with materials that are appealing and patient-friendly. The kit contains an eye-catching poster and an A5 tear-off pad of patient leaflets to reinforce the message that your medication may look different on the outside but essentially it's the same on the inside.

10 Medicine Use Support Cards

Supports the communication to patients of the reasons behind why medicines may have changed in their appearance when you move them onto a generic version from a brand or from one generic to another.

Patient Self-Assessment Forms

Patient information leaflets to help explain the change from branded medication to a generic equivalent or from one generic to another. To be placed in the prescription bag or given out as a leaflet.