NMS Advantage

Need an advantage in delivering the NMS?

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Teva's New Medicine Service (NMS) Advantage kits are designed to give community pharmacists in England the advantage in delivering a great service for patients. The kit includes innovative resources designed to support NMS patient interactions and assist in creating patient awareness of the NMS. NMS Advantage aims to support Pharmacy in the effective delivery of the NMS, as well as developing the associated income streams.

Innovative items that help you identify suitable patients for the service

Tools to help you organise your service effectively

Use the kit to develop additional income to your pharmacy from the service

5 Medicine Use Support Cards

Medicine specific information aligned to the target NMS patient groups to help perform the NMS successfully and efficiently. The medicines covered are: Bisoprolol, Doxazosin, Gliclazide, Lisinopril and Atenolol.

An NMS Guide for the whole Pharmacy Team

A booklet for the whole team to read to learn about the NMS.

GP Referral Cards

For you to engage your local GPs so they can help you identify patients on a new medicine.

Patient Appointment Cards

To remind patients of their NMS appointments.

NMS Appointment Diary

For you to schedule NMS appointments.

NMS Poster

To create patient awareness of the NMS.

NMS Prescription Bag Stuffers

To generate patient demand for the NMS from within the identified target NMS patient groups.

NMS Patient Leaflets

Patient information about the benefits of the NMS.


To place in your pharmacy to hold the NMS patient leaflets.