Teva Learning Zone

Teva Learning Zone - Online learning & development for you and your team

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The Teva Learning Zone is an online learning platform designed to help develop the knowledge and key skills of staff within the pharmacy. Managers are also provided with an admin login which allows you to review the progress of each user. The Teva learning zone provides a variety of soft and professional learning skills for the whole pharmacy team to continue their learning and development in the workplace.

Practical application based on proven theory and professional skills that can be applied in practice.

Encourage your staff to work efficiently and effectively

Manage the development of your staff and monitor their progress through each module

Developed in conjunction with industry experts to bring online learning to the workplace

Log your CPD entry on completion of each module

Soft skills

Time Management, Communication Skills and Motivation modules

All modules are accredited by StudyFlex Ltd

Professional Skills

Controlled Drugs, Endorsing NHS prescriptions and Understanding the Drug Tariff modules

Developed in conjunction with CIG Healthcare Partnership